Job Description

Job Title: Publications and Office Administrator
Position Summary:

The primary purpose of the Publications and Office Administrator is to generate the Machine Manuals and related technical documents for each specified machine prior to shipment.

Major Accountabilities:
  • Technical Document Controls & Management: Tracks, compiles, organizes and distributes all machine manuals according to purchase requirements and product specifications. Assist with the tracking, organizing and processing of other BOTI technical documents (Drawings, R&D, BOTIED, ECO, RPO, VOC, Engineering Metrics, Service documents and data, etc.).

  • Product Safety Documentation Management: Drives and communicates new and existing safety standards to the engineering department for inclusion into machine design and manuals. Tracks, compiles, organizes and stores all documentation required for maintaining product safety standards.

  • Labels & Translations: Develops required machine warning labels based on domestic and international standards. Aid in location identification and machine kit generation. Determines requirements, coordinates and procures language translations for machine documents, labels and tags according to purchase requirements and product specifications.

  • Metrics documentation and maintenance – Generates and maintains required department measurement metrics as directed.

  • Intern Program – Coordinates program timing, events and candidate interviews. Generates and maintains associated documentation.

  • Training & Coordination: Schedules, communicates, coordinates and tracks all required training sessions within the engineering department.

  • Procedures & Instructions: Performs administrative functions involved with generating and maintaining procedures, instructions and standards within the engineering department.

  • Event & travel coordinator – Coordinate internal engineering events such as Christmas and retirement parties as well as set up travel arrangements required by engineering department personnel.

Other Responsibilities:
  • Generate, implement and provide training for any procedures required for the processing of the machine manuals or related machine information.

  • Review used and encountered processes for waste reduction, efficiency improvements, cost reduction and other continuous improvement opportunities. Document and implement findings.

  • Other duties as assigned.

Decision Latitude

The employee largely directs his/her own work based on incoming orders and prioritized special projects. He/she determines how to process, coordinate and communicate on all matters pertaining to technical documents. He/she confers with their supervisor or other personnel frequently for interdepartmental direction, clarification and support as required to perform the duties described.

Reporting Relationships

The Document Control Coordinator reports directly to the assistant Vice President of Engineering.

Equipment and Tools

This position requires the use of a computer; computer and publishing software; general office equipment.

Education or Certifications and Training

High School education minimum, with education, training or experience in document publishing is preferred.

Special Abilities

This job is classified as sedentary; must be able to sit, operate controls with hands, and touch and feel keys with fingers continuously.

Prior Experience

Ideally 5 years or more of experience with technical document controls is preferred.

General Requirements:
  • High energy level, comfortable performing multi-faceted projects in conjunction with day-to-day activities.

  • Strong interpersonal skills. Ability to get along with diverse personalities, tactful, mature, and flexible.

  • Show courtesy and respect toward all Burr Oak Tool Inc. employees.

  • Perform any other normal business activities assigned by your superiors in or out of the scope of this position’s description.

  • Strong organizational, planning and problem-solving skills as well as the ability to drive assignments to completion.

  • Great communication skills.

  • Great computer skills with a strong knowledge of Microsoft product software.

  • Documentation of a drug screen must be provided prior to starting this position.