Job Description

Job Title: Machine Builder/Service Technician

This position assembles and constructs Burr Oak Tool machines or assemblies; applying knowledge of engineering designs, shop mathematics and mechanical skills. They help prepare the machine for demonstration to the customer. They may need to travel to the customer’s facility to diagnose problems with machines in the customer’s facilities.

Major Responsibilities
  • Accomplishes various production assembly functions that are somewhat complicated or intricate in nature.

  • Shows machine functionality to visiting customers on a regular basis.

  • Welds surfaces and parts of machines for cosmetic and structural purposes.

  • Coordinates with plumbers and electricians to test if hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical components of machines are functioning properly.

  • Inspects machines visually and manually for problems.

  • Manipulates grinders and sanders to contour metal surfaces of products.

  • Removes machining marks and other surface flaws of production process.

  • Assists subordinate assemblers and performs subordinate assembly in respective department as needed.

  • Troubleshoots and tests machines both during and after final assembly.

  • Verifies conformance of parts to blueprints using measuring instruments such as calipers and micrometers.

  • Analyzes completed machines and organizes for shipment and relocation across departments.

  • Reviews work orders and service reports to determine tasks to be performed and tools, equipment, and parts needed for installation of repair assignment.

  • Travels to customer sites internationally.

  • Verifies that electrical power is reaching machine and that voltage is as specified using testing instruments.

  • Shows machine functionality to customers on site.

  • Troubleshoots machines, parts, and equipment using precision measurement instruments such as calipers and micrometers.

  • Pushes buttons, flips switches, and moves levers to start machine and related equipment.

  • Programs machine to perform specified tasks applying program logic controller (PLC) knowledge.

  • Modifies programs to facilitate correct operation of machines.

  • Trains customer’s staff in correct operation of machines and related equipment.

  • Orders replacement parts and documents issues with machines based on diagnostics.

  • Follows-up on service calls to ensure that problems have been rectified.

  • Writes field service reports.