Built for Accuracy, Speed, Longevity and Reliability

Burr OAK Tool Inc. has been the industry leader in designing and building fin dies since the early 1960s. Our engineers work closely with you to design and build your fin die to meet your specific heat transfer requirements. The dies can be equipped with rapid die change options to provide more flexible and accurate production capabilities.

Fin dies designed and manufactured by Burr OAK Tool are consistent. They are able to maintain close tolerances and perform within the demanding specifications required by intricate fin design. OAK fin dies are dependable, both in creating quality fins each stroke of the press, and in producing superb product for many years.

  • Standard Fin Forms

    • Plain / Flat
    • V-Waffle
    • Modified V-Waffle
    • Sine Wave
    • Modified Sine Wave

    Special Fin Forms

    • Dog-Bone
    • Tab Spaced
    • Flat Tube
    • Ribbed

    Special Fin Collars

    • Starburst
    • Elliptical
    • Oval
  • Standard Draw Die

    Drawless Die - Triple Extrude

    Fin Per Stroke

    Special Purpose Dies

    Battery Grid Dies for the Lead Battery Market

  • Louvers

    Sections cut and rotated away from the fin stock


    Sections cut and moved vertically away from stock

  • Economic
    • Highly accurate dies mean more product per square foot of stock and less scrap.
    • Flexible die designs mean lower tooling costs. A single die is capable of meeting a large range of fin design requirements with various collar spacings, stock widths and material types.
    • Hydraulic slit selector clamps (gaggable tooling) allow row selections to be made by one operator instead of two to make changes faster.
    • Tooling can be manufactured from special tool steels for longer tool life, minimizing sharpening requirements. This means less production downtime.
    • Flexible die design can provide collars up to 1½ fins per 25.4 mm.
    • Adjustable reflare station provides accurately controlled fin stack height.
    • Auto draw and reflare adjustment is available.
    • Auto slit select up to 6-positions with hydraulic slit clamp.
    • Hydraulic slit clamps provide a positive, locked position throughout operation, eliminating hand screws.
    • Auto slit select and hydraulic slit clamp allows for safer changeover because guards remain in place — eliminating the need to open guards and enter the machine.
    • Clamps provide a positive locked position, and the auto slit selection provides location — all operated from the operator touch screen controls.

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Battery Grid Dies

Battery Grid Stamping Dies for the Lead Battery Market

Alongside our sister company, OAK Press Solutions, we offer power grid dies for the lead battery market.