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The OAK E-Lube lubrication system is an innovative and economical solution to lubrication requirements. The controlled application provides smooth and consistent lubrication to the fin stock, which helps protect tooling and reduces waste. The system features controlled lubricant delivery to both sides of the stock using specialized felt application pads.

The E-Lube lubrication system is capable of applying lubricant coatings as low as 25 mg/ft2 (269 mg/m2), and is an ideal solution for applications where proper lubrication is critical.

  • Widths

    18" (457 mm)
    27" (686 mm)
    36" (914 mm)
    45" (1,143 mm)

    Stock Thickness

    .0036" - .016" (.09 mm - .41 mm)



    logo MetalloidBurr OAK Tool recommends Metalloid™ lubricant.

    Not designed for use with water soluble lubricants

  • Environmental
    • Reduce lubricant usage — apply only what you need
    • Negligible VOC emissions (if non-VOC lubricants are used)
    • Improved air quality around fin lines
    • Less clean up and waste disposal
    • Reduction in lubricant use equals lower cost per fin produced
    • Protects valuable tooling due to even and consistent fin stock coating
    • Reversible felt application pads — both sides can be used
    • Stock cleaning wiper system prolongs felt applicator life
    • Adjustable pneumatic cylinders maintain consistent contact with material
    • Multiple mounting options assist in mounting applicator to fin line
    • Tough, industrial design to withstand daily use
    • Lubricates both sides of the fin stock evenly
    • Cleaning on machine and in machine area greatly reduced
    • Operator accurately controls amount of oil usage depending on unique fin requirements
    • System stores up to 250 easily selectable set-up configurations
    • Coil cleaning requirements reduced
    • Stock cleaning wiper system reduces applicator maintenance

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The fin stock uncoiler, die takeout, electrostatic lubricator, suction unit, and stacker unit comprise the heart of the Burr OAK material handling system. Our line equipment features new innovations in stock feeding and fin collection focusing on ease of operation and increased productivity.