Big, Brawny, Balanced

This high performance press and line for the heat transfer industry has a 160-ton (1,400kN) rating for increased fin stamping capacity. Extensive solid modeling performed in the design stage and added weight optimize press rigidity. The new electronic servo-feed allows easier access to the left side of the press and die, and centers and balances the forces on the feed shaft. It also allows the press operator to program the fin length from the touch screen on the control panel. The dynamically balanced platform minimizes vibrations, ensuring accuracy even at higher press speeds. In almost any fin making application the FP-1400’s size, strength and stability will increase capacity and improve performance.

  • Production

    160 to 400 SPM*


    3.7 m x 10.1 m (12’ x 33’)


    ~ 19,000 kg (41,800 lbs)

    Air Supply

    120 ft3/min at 80 psi
    (3.4 m3/min at 5.51 bar)

    Power Supply

    64 kW @ .80/.82 PF, 24 VDC Controls

    Foundation information supplied upon request

  • Tonnage

    160 US Tons / 1,400 kN

    Fin Length

    Up to 108" (2,742 mm)

    Fin Width

    Up to 37" (940 mm)

    Shut Height

    9" (230 mm) - 13" (330 mm)

    Standard Stroke

    1" (25 mm) - 3" (76 mm)

  • Economic
    • Dynamically balanced for less vibration, therefore reducing maintenance
    • Electronic feed reduces setup downtime thus increasing overall production
    • 160-ton press provides higher production in a given floor space
    • Electronic feed saves wear and tear on feed components
    • 4-point load on slide ensures accurate load distribution to produce consistent fin dimensions across the die
    • Hydraulic system for adjusting shut height allows flexibility in die designs
    • Hydraulic withdrawal system allows routine maintenance without removing the die from the press
    • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) stops fin production automatically when a predetermined number of fins have been stacked
    • Centered feedbar linkage reduces "slivers" on progression strokes
    • Electronic feed requires less training for operator competency
    • Perform maintenance without using a forklift or crane to remove the die from the press
    • Thicker and high tensile materials are easier to manipulate with the 160-ton press
    • Program the fin length from the touch screen control panel
    • Operator touch screen controls can be configured for different languages

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