One global OEM shares their story about purchasing an OAK Triumph hairpin bender:


A global HVAC OEM recognized that their current hairpin bender had issues with quality, was creating downstream process difficulties, and was incapable of meeting production output requirements for the upcoming year's forecasts.

This in turn led their organization to go out into the market to find a solution to their current issues related to brazing, hairpin quality and overall machine productivity. The OEM purchasing team was also tasked with identifying all possible ways to reduce direct production costs. With these requirements in hand, the OEM contacted Burr Oak Tool to discuss their needs and machine requirements.



Burr Oak Tool introduced the Total Cost of ownership calculator and walked the OEM through the cost considerations included in the tool. A Burr Oak Tool Sales Engineer reviewed with the Global OEM the overall costs involved with downtime, quality, purchase, and other costs that many organizations forget to consider when purchasing capital equipment. After all was said and done, the OEM realized that the overall value proposition of the OAK Triumph hairpin bender was superior to all other options. They determined that it was the most cost effective machine and decided to purchase an OAK Triumph. The machine was installed on the factory floor within three months of the signing of the purchase agreement, having been shipped overseas from Sturgis, Michigan USA. The Triumph has now been on the OEM's floor for just over one year and is improving efficiency throughout the entire production environment


    • Over 50% improvement in machine Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) measures
    • OEM's 'Line A' coil braze joint reduction by 45% (immediate direct material cost reduction)
    • OEM's 'Line B' coil braze joint reduction by 50% (immediate direct material cost reduction)
    • Able to meet OEM's next 5 year production requirements of multiple product lines
    • Capable of quickly meeting different hairpin length demands on one machine

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All too often, buyers forget to include the opportunity costs of machine downtime, training, or other productivity losses.

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Triumph Cost Calculator

This calculator is designed to allow you to determine your cost per hairpin produced based on some important production inputs. By entering details about your production environment, schedule, and workload, you can compare the cost per hairpin produced by Burr Oak Tool's Triumph hairpin bender to that of two competing hairpin benders.